Knowing which car is the least expensive to maintain can save a home. Indeed, we should not focus only on the purchase price but also on the impact that this acquisition will have on its daily budget. Therefore, insurance, fuel and maintenance are other elements that should be taken into account. To see more clearly, we invite you to discover a summary allowing you to determine which are the cheapest vehicles over time.

The cheapest car for maintenance: what you need to know

Car reviews at the dealer or in any garage are the obsession of motorists. Between the replacement of various filters, oil changes, the substitution of parts may be more sensitive than others, it is clear that this is a real anxiety, especially when the vehicle maintenance bill begins to weigh significantly on its budget. For this reason, before buying a car, it is important to know if it is expensive to maintain The cost price per kilometer: a useful indicator As mentioned before, different parameters need to be analyzed in order to have an estimate of what a car really can cost to its owner. By taking them one by one, developing a ranking according to this or that criterion may seem variable. It is better to have an index that can synthesize all these parameters. This is the case of the cost per kilometer (PRK).

To obtain the cost price per kilometer, a calculation is made between:

The price at the purchase, Vehicle financing (credit, etc.), The duration of use, Fuel consumption and price, The maintenance costs of the parts of current wear (tire prices, emptying, belts etc.), The cost of insurance, The cost of the tax horse, The estimate of the depreciation of the vehicle and its possible resale price. A vehicle is used to drive and one of the ways to know if it is profitable is to see how much it costs according to the distance traveled. This index therefore makes it possible to know the real value of an automobile per kilometer traveled.