Any owner loving and passionate about his car will undoubtedly read this folder carefully! Because it is this attention that you wear that will allow you to keep your "beautiful" for a long time as the first day and, if necessary, to sell it at the best price! With the spring and the beautiful days coming back, the time has come to build car bodies to parade under the sun's rays. So we rolled up our sleeves to test several consumer cleaning and maintenance products and share some basic tips...

High pressure wash

Rapid and simple high-pressure water jet washing has grown enormously in recent years, gradually replacing roller gantries. The famous brush rollers or other brooms have not yet completely disappeared, now using new synthetic materials that are much less aggressive for varnishes paints. This method of washing retains for her comfort and speed unmatched since you have nothing else to do than put a coin (or a token) in the device! However, if you want to keep your car for a long time this is probably not the most recommended method of washing...

Hand washing

For the reasons mentioned above, washing by hand is the most popular method of manic owners who really want to pamper their darling car. A solution also more economical but also, very tedious! Fortunately, the result is usually up to the time spent and only this solution can go to clean every part of the bodywork in every nook and cranny.

The washing products

A detergent such as detergent is only to be used in extreme cases where its detergent action may be useful. Indeed, its active agents will remove the entire protective layer at the body and attack the varnish. The washing up product will also have the effect of removing all the benefit of polishing or polishing done before. Therefore, it is preferable to use a car shampoo, product that is easily found in all car centers or supermarkets. However, if the price differences are quite sensitive, all these products are not equal.

After washing: protection paint

To eliminate drying marks due to calcareous water, there are several solutions. The first is to use a classic chamois leather or better, a microfiber cloth (eg Meguiars Ultimate wipe) or a Magnetic Absorber (eg Meguiar's X2000EU) whose absorption capacity is 3 times that of the skin chamois. But it is advisable not to limit yourself to a simple wiping and take a little (a lot?) Of time to protect your paint until the next wash!