The purchase of a Porsche is not given to everyone. The acquisition of a wheelie is not for everyone. That's why renting a Porsche is a great opportunity to get on board one of these legendary super-cars. The choice is open, make yours among Porsche 991, Porsche Cayenne or Panamera.

Renting a Porsche: an unforgettable experience

For most people, driving a Porsche will remain a little boy's dream that will never come true, as the purchase of a car with the horse on its hood is not within everyone's reach. The purchase, perhaps, but renting a Porsche is a great opportunity to drive one of these fantastic luxury vehicles, such as the Porsche 911, the Porsche Cayenne or the Panamera. Visit for more about car rental.

Porshe 991

New wonder in the Porsche family, the 991 was born in early 2014 and was immediately many fans. Its fine lines, its technological performance breathtaking, this model has it all! Its rear cover contains a turbo engine S, 6 cylinders which equates to 560 horses, able to cross 318km in one hour. This is the 991, worthy to be classified among the super-cars and to challenge the most relevant of the classification with its design and robustness.

Panamera turbo S

With 20 more horsepower than the 991 turbo, the Panamera Turbo upsets the super-car market. The manufacturer of the brand has chosen to add the letter "S" in the name of the car Panamera Turbo to refer to the new features of the creation. This is essentially the addition of two turbo-compressors with an injection pressure of 140 bars. As for the engine, its power goes up to 570 hp at 6,000 rpm the equivalent of 10 hp more than the 911 the Panamera Turbo.