Car air conditioning maintenance

Published on : 14 May 20193 min reading time

A car air conditioning can cool the temperature of the cabin but not only! So that your air conditioning keeps its properties and fulfills its role, guaranteeing your safety, it is necessary to maintain your car air conditioning.

So that your air conditioning keeps its properties and fulfills its role, guaranteeing your safety, it is necessary to maintain your car air conditioning.

Maintenance of the air conditioning of a car: a small simple gesture to preserve its good functioning

To preserve your air conditioning system and prevent leaks, it is recommended to turn on your air conditioning once a month for about 15 minutes. Regularly turning on your AC, even in winter, will allow the lubricants to cross the entire circuit correctly.

Maintain the cabin filter

The ventilation system draws up to 540,000 liters of air per hour. The cabin filter is a special paper filter that acts as a barrier against dust, pollen, gas soot and particles harmful to health. It filters out the outside air brewed by the ventilation or air conditioning of your car and prevents allergenic particles from entering the air system.

It must therefore be checked and cleaned regularly by spraying air conditioning cleaner at least once a year at the air inlet, where the filter is located. You can also change it yourself every one or two years depending on its condition (as long as it is sufficiently accessible). It is normally located at the glove box or at the base of the windshield. It is estimated that a cabin filter needs to be changed every 15,000 km.

Regular maintenance by an auto air conditioning specialist

Although simple to use, air conditioning is often a fairly complex and increasingly sophisticated system due to advances in technology, especially in terms of filtration or the diffusion of fresh air. It is therefore advisable to maintain the air conditioning of the car by entrusting each year the maintenance of your car air conditioning to a professional. This specialist will clean the circuit with anti-bacterial treatment. He will take the opportunity to control the circuit.

Cleaning a car air conditioning should be done annually, or at least every two years, with a circuit cleaning, gas refilling and filter replacement.

Clean auto air conditioning and know how to detect signs of weakness before it’s too late

Poor maintenance of the air conditioning of a car can be serious of consequence. It can notably cause a compressor failure which will be a major expense. Before you get there, three signs will alert you:

Difficulties to refresh the cabin. The lack of cold can come from defective parts such as a damaged regulator, an obsolete compressor, a condenser or a clogged cabin filter.

The sound of a rattling metal when the air conditioning is running is a testament to compressor wear

The presence of steam on the windshield when the air conditioning starts is a sign of weakness of the dehydrator.

There is no season for auto air conditioning maintenance. It must be done both in summer and winter.

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