The winter season definitely makes life hard for your car. Salt, snow and hail damage the bodywork and sometimes even the mechanics of your car. And in the cockpit, microbes accumulate with all the bacteria that cold weather brings. Maintaining your car before and during the winter season is therefore essential.

Oil and other liquids

Living in the UK requires maintenance under conditions considered "very difficult" and the instructions in the owner's manual for "heavy" use must be followed. Temperature changes require motorists to pay close attention to the liquids in your car. Liquid means the oil change and its filter, the coolant and the fuel level. Since winter is synonymous with harsh weather conditions, liquids can freeze and damage your engine. It is therefore necessary to prepare well for the arrival of the cold weather.

The mecanic

Under the bodywork, some parts are likely to be largely damaged by salt and corrosion. According to many auto mechanics, drive belts are often forgotten in maintenance. It is advisable to ask your mechanic to check everything at the same time as the seasonal oil change and the change of tires. In addition, the importance of checking the quality of the spark plugs at a regular interval is often overlooked, even if they have a relatively long service life.

The interior

Many tend to overlook the importance of washing the interior of a car throughout the winter season. And yet, viruses do not hibernate in cold weather. It is therefore advisable to wash the inside of your car at least twice during the winter. If you do not have access to the facilities to wash the inside of your car when the temperature drops below freezing, there are several solutions available to motorists to reduce the risk to which they expose themselves unnecessarily as the Germ Defender.