A true testament to the ambition of the brand rings, Audi A3 is the new compact 4-door model that was introduced in spring 2013 at the New York show.

The compact invade the automotive market

In Europe, the vehicles of the three volumes have been abandoned in favor of the tailgates, a phenomenon that has not yet touched the rest of the world including the countries of primo equipment where the car tends much more to have a division into 3 parts. The Audi A3 is in the category of compact cars that already account for 40% of the sedan market. Sedans account for one-third of the car market; a rate that will have to rise remarkably everywhere in the world by 2020.

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Audi A3 undeniable proof of performance of the brand rings

The Audi A3 sedan is at the peak of auto performance and behind Audi's conquest of the US car market. 138,000 Audi cars were sold last year, a sales figure that seems to defy that of the star brand which is 291,000 sales in the same year. The BMW is not a less formidable competitor with its 280,000 sales. Along with the release of the Audi A3, we are seeing an increase in the number of factories and points of sale throughout Europe.

Audi A3 Mid-size sedan between tricoprs and coupe version

With its remarkably spacious 425-liter trunk, its lines that have little in common with those of the cut version of the brand, and its chiseled sides, the A3 makes us think of a reduction of the A4. It is indeed a relatively light car: 1250 kg empty, equipped with S-Tronic box with 7 reports for the 1 395 kg. This Audi model assembles different materials: a cabin made mainly of steel, an aluminum hood, two diesel engines and three petrol engines.