Cleaning the engine of your vehicle is an important task to ensure its proper operation and extend its life. Indeed, a regular washing avoids the corrosion of it and its fouling. Good to know: when an engine is dirty, there is more risk of gas evacuation problems and where when you notice abnormal fuel consumption.

When to clean the engine of your car?

Cleaning your engine will prevent it from rusting. Indeed, snow, water, salt damages the metal parts. By regularly taking care of your engine, you will extend its life. It is strongly recommended to spend a clean shot from 40 000 kilometers made. Engine cleaning is also necessary when you notice engine oil or coolant leakage, over-fueling, or combustion smoke. Did you know ? Your engine clogs faster when you drive often short distances because it does not reach its optimal temperature!

How to clean the engine of your car?

What precautions should I take to wash my engine? Before cleaning your engine, be sure to check that it is cold or warm. Avoid washing your engine hot, as it may burn you. Then, it is necessary to protect the electronics to avoid burning fuses! So remember to unplug the battery and cover everything that is electric. What do you need ? If you undertake to wash your engine yourself, it is important to be well equipped and take precautions: remember to wear gloves and goggles to protect yourself! We do not hide that you will need a lot of elbow grease to carry out this operation. That's why for safety and convenience, we recommend you go to the car wash to let a professional perform the washing of your engine. If you still want to do it yourself. Here are the steps to follow: Start by removing by hand or blower the largest dirt (leaves, soil ...) before washing your engine. Get a degreasing product that is best suited for cleaning your engine! Then, use a brush or a brush to scrub and remove dirt on your engine. You can finally rinse, being careful not to wet the electrical parts of the engine. Finish by washing your entire car with rollers or high pressure jet III / Where to find a station to wash the engine of his vehicle? Washing the engine of your car is a sensitive operation! We therefore advise you to visit a hand washing professional, for an optimal and safe result.