The maintenance of the motorcycle is a service whose main organs are to be checked. By performing the maintenance of its 2 wheels, we can make significant savings because we can limit wear and drive safely. For example, maintenance can reduce oil consumption.

Maintenance of new motorcycles

Even a new bike needs a maintenance called break-in. It is said that a good break is the secret to having a good bike. The break-in is a period of adaptation allowing the mechanical parts of the motorcycle to be put in place. Although all the elements of the bike rust, it is especially the elements that are attached to the engine that requires a break-in. Break-in is a period of maintenance for new motorcycles during which the rider will not have to operate the engine of his vehicle to the maximum of his capacities. Its duration varies according to the recommendations of the manufacturer who determines it according to the characteristics of the engine. Generally, manufacturers recommend 1000 km of break-in.

Regular maintenance of a motorcycle whatever its capacity

The current maintenance of a motorcycle is composed of many elements. To take care of his two-wheelers, the owner must always favor a washing pipe and avoid washing Karcher which may damage the radiator seals. To maintain the aluminum materials and give a second life to the materials, it is better to focus on products such as belgom alu or belgom chrome. For the vast majority of motorcycles equipped with transmission, it will be necessary to check the tension and undertake the lubrication of the secondary transmission chain. The O-ring chain is a fragile element that deserves regular maintenance every 1000 km at least. Motorcycle maintenance also goes through the control of the security elements.

Price and frequency of maintenance of a motorcycle

A single or four cylinder motorcycles with a displacement of 50, 125 or 1800 cm³ needs regular maintenance at a specified interval. Regular vehicle maintenance should be undertaken even if it is not used. While some basic interviews can be done by one, other revisions require dealer intervention.