The Mercedes SLS AMG is a sport coupe luxury car, a unique model designed by the Mercedes German House from 2010.Mercedes SLS AMG, a machine that fascinates you from the first look and takes your breath away with its details, a design Exclusive and unique with butterfly wing doors that support its original side. A body is made entirely of aluminum gives it even more lightness and charisma to travel the race tracks like a flying carpet. A very harmonious interior design with adjustable leather seats for better posture, plus high-tech multimedia equipment such as the high-end surround sound system with Dolby Digital 5.1 that gives you the feeling of being in one place. In addition, the multimedia COMAND APS system that provides entertainment to passengers, it includes an integrated car CD / DVD player, a 40 GB hard drive to save navigation data and voice commands, in short it is provided by all equipment latest technologies that still give you pleasure on board. This site provides information on car accessories. Find out more about this model, click here! This sports car continues to impress you with its innovations from where we quote the blind spot detector that monitors the car right, left and back, which captures the presence of other vehicles and translates it by a signal displayed on the mirror glass. Lastly, we mention its 6.3-liter V8 AMG engine, which is considered the most powerful engine in the world, reaching 317 km / h. The opportunity to drive such a pearl is extremely rare; to try it just rent the SLS AMG to satisfy your desire to be on the edge of a high-end car.