Untiring, the 500 benefits from a revised range for its 2020 vintage, with two new finishes Star and Rockstar, which inaugurate new colors. The "modern" 500 is already twelve years old ... and has no desire to leave the scene. The car has also beaten its sales record in 2018, with 194,000 copies sold, proof that it still pleases!

New Fiat 500 variants

To continue to attract attention, the 500 renews its range, with two new variants: the Star and Rockstar. The Star takes advantage of an original body color, named powdery pink. It comes standard with 16-inch wheels, fog lights and glass roof. On board, there are two new upholstery, quilted look. The panel dashboard is no longer necessarily matched to the body: the customer can choose between pearly white or burgundy matte.

Fiat 500: new Star and Rockstar versions

The Rockstar plays the small sports. It takes the body kit of the 500 S, with specific shields. This finish takes advantage of another new hue: a dull green. This color can be found on the panel of the dashboard, also available in titanium gray. For the upholstery, the central part is inspired by the costumes with thin stripes. There is no mechanical novelty, with the 1.2 gasoline of 69 hp or the TwinAir of 85 hp. After this first announcement, the new range, with prices, will be detailed by Fiat in a few days.

Fiat 500e

At first sight, it is not easy to distinguish an electric Fiat 500 from a thermal model. The main difference comes from the rocker panels bearing the 500e logo and shields, which increase the length by 7 cm (3.62 m total). The front spoiler, rear spoiler and 15-inch alloy wheels slightly improve the coefficient of air penetration (Cx) from 0.359 to 0.311. The integration of the batteries under the floor of the car, in the rear center position, required a complete review of the underbody of the car and the suspensions. The Fiat 500e thus has slightly narrower tracks and is 1 cm more in height despite a lowered ground clearance of 3.5 cm.