The Mercedes house is a very prestigious German house, founded in 1926 by Gottlieb Daimler who invented the fuel engine and built the company Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. The largest dealer Emil Jellinek attributes the nickname of his daughter to the house where the name Mercedes. Over the years, she has created very powerful cars with an elegant and harmonious design.

The Mercedes class S

It is a special car that combines sporty elegance and comfort, with a pleasant feeling of well-being for passengers by offering a traveling work space worthy of the most prestigious offices. In addition, its powerful engine ensures a pleasant driving, traveling the highways like a flying carpet Its innovative driver assistance system ensures the safety of the car in the dark, on the highway or even in traffic jams.

The Mercedes class A

It is a compact sedan introduced in 1997 with a design both sporty and classic. It has undergone changes over time and was voted the most beautiful car in 2012. To ensure maximum safety, it features an innovative driver assistance system to anticipate critical situations and help avoid hazards. This is the first model with a very advanced and very sloping transverse engine that has a double floor to absorb a big shock.

 The Mercedes class B

It is inspired by the class A. The modern and invigorating interior seduces by a high-end equipment with an elegant and harmonious design. It contains intelligent sensor systems constituting the "collision prevention assist" system that think ahead of occupant protection. Each trip must finally take place safely and comfortably. This system monitors the upstream route by radar and can warn the driver in good time of the risk of collision or telescoping.