Perfect alliance Sportsmanship and high performance is the major feature of L'Aventador. A revolutionary model of the world of the automobile, bold with its vulgarly stretched forms, its aggressive cut that can only excite the driver and ignite the road.

 Lamborghini: a bit of history

Lamborghini is a manufacturer that started by manufacturing agricultural machinery like tractors, as soon as the brand conquered the third of the market of large industrial machinery. In just 10 years, Lamborghini made a fortune and decided to turn to a field that he was passionate about: prestige cars. His project was to create more efficient and more sophisticated cars than the Maserati and the Ferrari. The manufacturer then founds its first factory specializing in the production of luxury sports cars.

At the heart of elitism: Lamborghini Aventador

The model LP 700-4, Italian manufacture, performance and design breathtaking. It is an extremely powerful car of 700 HP. It can go one kilometer in less than 20 seconds, precisely in 19.3 seconds. With such performance and reduced weight (1.575 kg), the Aventador be classified as among the supercars. This model is also popular for its high-tech equipment such as the robotic ISR box offering 3 modes of driving: sport, corsa and strada.

The design of the Lamborghini Aventador

A concentrate of technology, a dream for the purists and monster of car sculpture, The Lamborghini Aventador is a true work of art responding to specific functions: dynamism, speed and performance. In terms of bodywork, there is a bold, unusual form with its nerve lines and aggressive cut. The smooth surface of the roof gives an impression of lightness for both the driver and the passenger. The Lamborghini is available in recommended colors; their most popular are the most amazing: brilliant pink, gold and carbon black.