Mini Cooper : a girls car !

The Mini Cooper is a German house bought by BMW in 1994; the brand first marketed the original Mini a few years before launching in 2001 the new mini. BMW then chose to write it in the MINI capital to differentiate the series of vehicles produced since 2001. The second generation designed by BMW was launched in late 2006.

The MINI Cooper S seduces with its characteristic bonnet-mounted air intake, chrome-plated hexagonal design grille and characteristic lower air intakes for brake cooling.

It highlights its performance with sporty 16 “alloy wheels, a dual center exhaust and a powerful rear bumper.

The BMW has dedicated all its know-how to give birth to the second-generation Mini with an exceptional design, a leather interior, comfortable seats and high-tech accessories such as the car stereo Boost develops 4 × 20 W that gives good reception of the radio band with excellent sound. In addition it contains an adapter cable to connect your portable MP3 player, your iPod or your iPhone to the car stereo Mini with a video function. It also includes two tablet-sized screens, a built-in DVD player, a USB interface and two in-vehicle stand-bys, allowing video, audio and photo files to be played back to ensure ideal distraction for the rear passengers. The Mini foresees the danger before it is dangerous, it is provided with sensors that control the external environment of the car, besides it has a braking system that allows a maximum braking pressure, to reduce stopping distances.

It is a chic and comfortable vehicle that gives you pleasure while driving and that guarantees your safety.

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