This kind of bike appeared in 1990, their name is inspired by cabriolet cars, all motorcycles are considered cabriolets. These are machines without fairings or semi-faired models like S, offering little protection and average comfort. The engines are already proven by other ranges, they are not very developed nor subjected to new technologies from where their profitable price.

The BMW K1200R

It is a motorcycle to ride every day and even intended for thrill seekers, this roadster embodies the high performance developed by the new German motorcycles, indeed it is styled by the BMW house. The K1200R appeared at the end of 2005. It is derived from the K1200S to which BMW has eliminated any fairing. The power is increased to 163 horses with acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is 2.8 s for a maximum speed of about 270 km / h.

The Suzuki 600 GSR

The Suzuki 600 GSR is a motorcycle produced by the Japanese Suzuki in 2006. It has a powerful engine that the 600 GSX-R slightly relaxed to reach the power of 98 horsepower and can touch the 250 km / h. The GSR is at the top 10 of sales, distinguished by a great performance and a small price, these are the 10 cheapest horses on the market. The GSR motorcycle seduces you from the first glance by its sporty design, unique and modern, it is a bike that remains etched in the memory of each user.

The Guzzi Breva 750

A range of roadsters are built by the Italian firm Moto Guzzi, which are styled by Luciano Marabese. A four-stroke, air-cooled 90 ° V twin-cylinder engine that can reach speeds of up to 160km / h, prefers daily use. The Breva is unique because it returns to simple values ​​and it touches us by its voluptuous aesthetics.