You can be sure you have the perfect motorcycle or scooter for sale, the best maintained, the least well-traveled and the best options, and yet if your sales ad is neglected, it's possible that your two-wheeled motorcycle remains on the arms a bundle of weeks before a buyer takes action, not without having lowered its selling price. So that this is not the case, here are some tips for writing an ad that will fly!

Look after the title of your ad

From the title of your ad, the buyer must know what you are selling. Thus, clearly highlight the features of your vehicle - and if possible from the beginning in the title: make, model, engine, year, special edition / numbered if it is. We must make the buyer want to click on the link to open your ad and not the one above or below.

Pay special attention to photos

An advertisement with photo is 7 times more consulted than an ad without a photo !!! So much to say that it is a very important parameter to ensure the good sale of your machine. But there are the photos that make you want to buy and those that make you flee. So to avoid running away from the buyer in the first few seconds, here are some tips ... Even if that makes sense, it will be necessary to carry out a good washing of your motorcycle beforehand. At first glance, for a buyer, a dirty motorcycle is a sign that the owner is not careful, and therefore, that his bike has not been neat or simply poorly maintained ... Then, your photos will have to be taken with a good digital camera (or at worst with a smartphone), outdoors, under the sun and with a "seller" background, far from a dump or trash for example! Even if leboncoin offers free upload of 3 photos, do not hesitate to do more. This will allow you to provide it to a potential buyer who will ask you for more details. For the 3 main images, you can leave on a 3/4 front, a 3/4 rear and a detail (counter to display the actual mileage, exhaust silencer, maintenance book to date, identification plate for special series ...).

Do not neglect the text

... and even less the spelling! It may seem obvious, but a sloppy text full of spelling mistakes is rarely good for sale. In your text, it will describe your vehicle as accurately as possible, prioritize your information, go into the technical details while leaving the buyer with questions to make contact with you. In the radius of essentials, it is necessary to discuss the make, the model, the engine capacity, the mileage and the year of putting into circulation of your vehicle. Then, you can go into detail by highlighting the good condition of the vehicle, the wear of the tires or the kit chain, if its maintenance is up to date and has always been achieved in the network of the brand, but also list its options ( silencer, carbon parts, shifter, LED turn signals, alarm, ABS ...). If it will of course put forward its advantages, it will also be sincere with the buyer and discuss the weak points such as scratches, possible breakdowns, manufacturer recall ... In any case, be positive and sincere. Do not conceal faults or failures, including accidental damage or standard engine exchange. This could be detrimental to you later, and even after you make the sale!