You have been hesitating for a few months, you have scoured the forums to collect opinions, but you have finally made your decision: you will sell your bike. You have a little trouble on the legal procedure, the preparation of the bike and the precautions to take? Here are 5 tips to sell your bike.

Restore its beauty

In order to obtain the best possible price, it is advisable to propose a bike in good condition. As such, do not hesitate to change the elements that wear too much. Indeed, a tire end of life or brake pads filed to the extreme will be all points that will allow the buyer to negotiate the price down. You must also go through the cleaning box. A lustrous bike with bright paint will always be more engaging than a machine covered with mud and gnats. The appearance also plays a lot in the perception of maintenance of the machine by the potential buyer. And we give you tips to take pictures of your bike.

Set a consistent price

One of the most important points is to offer your bike at the right price. To avoid overvaluing or undervaluing the value of your horse, the best way is to refer to the motorcycle odds of the occasion. The latter is the average value of sales between individuals for a given model well maintained. It thus makes it possible, by adjusting the amount to the state of the machine, to be placed in the market price. At the time of sale, if the buyer wants to pay by check, require a bank check to avoid the classic check of the wooden check. Again, be particularly careful if it is issued from abroad, it is probably a forgery.

Be honest and comprehensive

Nothing serves to lie on the presentation of his vehicle, in case of finding a hidden defect the buyer can turn against the seller for two years to discover the defect, asking for the best reimbursement of the property, but also bring legal action. If one can be tempted to embellish the truth or to hide certain points, it is better to specify all the small defects which would not be corrected as soon as the announcement. Scuffed paint, rust on the exhaust line or small chips will turn into a bad surprise for the buyer who did not expect it and could give him an opportunity to negotiate or want to leave. Also remember to specify what is original and what is not, just like the parts that have been changed recently.

Prepare the necessary documents

While waiting for a potential buyer, it is useful to prepare all the necessary documents for the sale. We will begin by gathering all the documents related to the bike as its maintenance book, the registration, the invoices of the changed parts and installed accessories, the guarantees ... For the sale itself, it will be necessary to bring a sales certificate and a certificate of administrative situation (ex certificate of non-pledge). The request of the latter is completely free and can be done by internet.

Protect yourself for a test

Finally, no question to suggest someone to try his bike without taking a minimum of precautions. First of all, you have to check that the insurance contract covers the loan of the motorcycle to a third party and you have to notify your insurer by mail. For the test, make an appointment in a different place than the parking of your motorcycle and avoid using your landline number. This will allow you to avoid a simple "spotting" before the theft of your machine. On the day, come accompanied to avoid unpleasant surprises. It will be necessary to think about checking the driving license of the buyer. Do not hesitate to do a second check of his identity. Keep his papers until he returns.