How to maintain a vehicle ?

To have your car maintained by expert professionals is to contribute to the increase of its duration of use. We often think of investing for the purchase of a car, but rarely what is needed for its maintenance.

And yet, it is an indispensable travel tool for your everyday life, for business trips or even if it is a company car, essential for your professional missions. It makes your life easier. It’s a companion every day.

Therefore, investing to maintain it frequently is a guarantee of optimum safety for any driver. Whether your engine is gasoline or diesel, it’s a good idea to carry out maintenance throughout its use, in the short and long term.

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Nowadays, cars are at least equipped with more than 80,000 different parts from each other. Thus, when you use your vehicle daily, it is advisable to establish a maintenance plan in order of urgency and necessity. Regardless of the model of your car, the usual points to maintain remain the same: the emptying, the tires, the damping, the coolant, the braking system, the battery….

To avoid small breakdowns

Indeed, everything goes through the daily washing. Clean your car with suitable products to protect the bodywork. The glass parts of your car should always be clean and free of cracks for easy viewing. Think of the comfort of the cabin by regularly vacuuming.

Draining is important if you want to get the most out of your engine. Motor oil is comparable to blood in the body. This is the role of a good quality of the oil in your engine. It lubricates. It is best to regularly check the oil level and change the pollen oil, the oil filter and the engine oil from the oil every 10,000 km. For all that, of course, it is better to entrust your vehicle to an expert professional who will know according to the model of your car, to carry out the adequate maintenance.

Failure to maintain your tires is a permanent danger. Precisely in rainy weather, you can easily lose control of the car. As a result, you must be careful of the pressure of your tires every 1000 km and the depth of the grooves. The more the grooves lose their marks on the tire, the greater the risk of exposure to danger. The tires are to be maintained and monitored.

Do not hesitate to visit with a car center as soon as you notice a failure on the braking system of your car. It is a sensitive part for the car and must be constantly checked to ensure real safety and to other road users.

Air conditioning maintenance of a professional car is essential to ensure demisting. Especially during hot weather, the air conditioning guarantees a fresh comfort, a well-being and a comfort in the driving.

The battery and the correct functioning of the lights (rear lights, reversing lights, turn signals, and headlights) must be checked once in the month at least.

Avoid major breakdowns

When your car exceeds 3 years of use, it would be better for you to opt for a technical inspection every 18 months. This protects you from major breakdowns, because the professional will be able to ensure the maintenance of the distribution kit, the replacement of shock absorbers, and proceed to the verification of the power steering…

Ultimately, no matter what budget it might cost, properly maintaining a vehicle is crucial to increasing its lifespan. Ensure the repair and change of certain parts that ensure the driver and other user’s safety and insurance to ride with confidence.

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