A question that has become classic still arises today: should we make a purchase, or simply engage in a car rental? If the answer seems obvious according to the financial capacities, it reveals all its complexity by studying the question in more depth. Indeed, the current situation, just like spontaneous impulses, can sometimes be bad advice. Taking into account a variety of other factors helps to determine the best decision.

The advantages of the rental

Financial capacities do not always allow, overnight, to afford a vehicle for pleasure or necessity. Fortunately, car rental arises in solution adapted to fill this need, and even presents interesting advantages. Indeed, in this principle, you just have the obligation to respect the terms of the contract, on mileage in particular. The car rental company takes care of all the administrative and technical formalities. In addition to being able to drive in a recent or even new car, you will not think about taking care of periodic interviews for example. Got a car? Pay for it by sharing it on car rental applications via a peer-to-peer car rental. If you are interested in getting more information about car hire applications, you can visit drivy.co.uk/. You can skip the rental car counter and book the perfect car for your next adventure!

A possible alternative

Most companies in this industry offer short-term car rental services. In most cases, this remedy is available to consumers who only need a car on a temporary basis. For a specific event like a wedding, or for a business trip, the car rental company can provide you with the vehicle you need. However, it also offers and with increasing success the LLD system or long-term lease. The principles and conditions remain about the same. But then you have the car over a longer period, as if it belonged to you, and with less running costs. You can even get the benefit of a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown.

Accessibility of the purchase

However, if you really want to buy a car, but the finances do not allow it in the immediate future; you can opt for the system of leasing or renting with option of purchase (LOA). In this principle, you pay a regular rent to the car rental company, always on the same terms. At the end of the contract, all you have to do is pay the residual value of the total cost of the car, and you're the owner.