Motorcycle enthusiast, are you looking for large size equipment? Choosing your motorcycle jacket, pants and other accessories is essential to ride safely. Here are some tips that will help you select the right size clothes for you.

Motorcycle jacket: some criteria for choosing it

The motorcycle jacket allows you to protect the upper body in case of a fall. Also, it is of paramount importance. But then, how to choose it in large size? Here are some tips to find the perfect jacket for your body. - The material of the big size motorcycle jacket: several choices are available to you. On the one hand, leather. While it is more resistant to friction, it is however much less comfortable to wear, because of its rigidity. Indeed, the leather jacket lacks flexibility, which is not favorable if you are looking for large equipment. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you turn to a textile model. Much less rigid, it is waterproof and has many more pockets; it is definitely the model that will suit you. You will feel more comfortable. - Size and cut: we strongly advise against the fitted motorcycle jacket. Indeed, for you, the right cut is preferred. So, you will not be bogged down and therefore much more comfortable. For size, we strongly recommend trying several models. Indeed, from one manufacturer to another, sizes can vary. Moreover, more and more brands offer pieces of equipment for motorcycle large size, you will have no difficulty in finding your happiness. - What dorsal? You know, the motorcycle jacket is usually sold with a ridge. This one is foam too; the protection against shocks is far from optimal. We strongly suggest that you opt for an additional, more resistant backbone. The site can guide you in your choice.

Plus size trousers: essential motorcycle gear

If the motorcycle jacket protects the upper body, the pants provide more or less effective protection in the legs, depending on the model you choose. Here are some tips for finding the right size motorcycle equipment for you: - The material of the motorcycle pants: you will understand, the leather is not necessarily what we recommend if you are looking for a large size garment, because of the little comfort it is able to offer you. The textile, again, can be considered, but also the jeans. It has the particularity of being particularly trendy at the moment, and all-purpose. In addition, it is much more comfortable than leather, it is a garment that you will find in large version also. - The size and the cut: again, it would be good to try. Nevertheless, we recommend that you opt for normal or tall pants for better support. Regarding the cut, prefer a right motorcycle pants. Need more advice? In this case, go here.

Where to find his big motorcycle equipment?

As mentioned, motorcycle equipment manufacturers are increasingly offering large size clothing. Also, in your favorite shop, you will necessarily find the right jacket or trousers. On the Internet, the choice is even wider. It is also an opportunity to read the opinions of customers, to turn to the brand best suited to your needs.